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Relax My Baby -Salisbury 

"During Pregnancy I felt isolated and wanted to bond more with my unborn baby i was stressed and aching, after pregnancy my newborn suffered with colic. 

I wanted to find an alternative and relaxing way to unwind, calm my child and bond" 

- Gemma Buck, owner and trainer for Relax My Baby.

Gemma is qualified a qualified teacher and practitioner in Prenatal and Postnatal Baby Yoga and Massage. Classes are designed around a core of bonding, relationships and sharing of experiences for new parents, struggles and stresses of existing parents as well as relaxation massage and Yoga techniques.

You are not alone, live strong, love and relax

 Creating bonds for life!




 " Rest and self care are so important, When you take time to replenish your spirit it allows you to serve others from the overflow.  You cannot serve anyone from an empty vessel." - Eleanor Brown 



I believe that you need to be strong, rooted and feeling nurtured in order to look after another. As a mother, and a human, it is completely normal to need some relaxation time, time to replenish your mind, body and entire being.  Come and take some time out, in a beautifully relaxing room based in Old Sarum, Salisbury.  You can choose from an hours treatment to an express treatment, with varying options of treatments from facials, reflexology, to massage.  The choice is yours, or if you wish I can combine various treatments. Call me today to discuss different options.  




 Pregnancy Yoga

Baby Yoga

Mum and Baby Yoga

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Pregnancy Massage

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Postnatal Massage 

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Benefits from the beginning 

 -Help with ailments, wind, colic, constipation 

-Positive wellbeing and self indulgence 

-Meet other parents and share your experiences

-Gentle exercise routines while being pregnant

-Socialise with like minded mums to be

-Soothing exercises to ease pains and discomfort

-Connect and bond with your bump




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Hi my name is Gemma, and this is Jasper... 

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