Mummy and baby Salisbury


My name is Gemma, I am a first-time mum to Jasper.  I have always enjoyed learning about holistic therapies and the alternative approach studying massage, Indian head and reflexology.

During was pregnant it felt natural to combine my previous interests and I decided  to study baby massage and baby yoga so that I would be able to use it once my little baby had been born. 

When Jasper was born he had many common baby ailments such as wind, constipation and colic. I found using baby massage and baby yoga moves helped to ease the symptoms and make everyday activities alot easier.  I wanted to share my experiences, what worked and what hasn't worked, when is the best time,  what moves I found most effective and therefore decided with my new found qualification and experience I would start holding classes for other parents to enjoy the benefits. 

I love being a mum, its hard, its challenging, its rewarding, its confusing, and this is why I LOVE the sessions, they are great for meeting other parents talking with them about their ups and downs and really create a support network so you are not alone! 

I have recently started my journey into pregnancy treatments. Since being pregnant and giving birth I have a passion for helping ladies through pregnancy, fascinated how a woman's body adapts and changes and the energy from bump to hand when massaging. 

I now teach pregnancy yoga and give pregnancy and postnatal massages and really love the positive effects and warm feedback.