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Baby Massage 5 Week Course 


Our 5 week baby massage courses are designed to help you to soothe and bond with your baby.  Each week we cover a body part so that by the end of the course we have a full body routine.  

Week one:- We learn the foot and leg 

Week two- We learnt the tummy routine and wind and colic routine 

Week three:- We learn the chest arms and hand routine.

Week four:- We learn the face, teething and back routine.

Week five:- We recap the whole body.


Each week we recap the previous body part, so there is no worry if your baby is asleep during a session as we always repeat practice. 

There is also at teaching each week covering aspects such as which is the best oil to use, looking for engagement cues, why we massage, and when to massage. 


You will receive handouts on the body part we learnt that week so that it is easy for you to practice at home.  


Baby massage is brilliant for:-

  • Bonding, studies have shown that parents who massage their baby regularly have lessened chances of post natal depression. 
  • Helps with symptoms such as wind, colic and constipation. 
  • Can help establish a routine and pattern. 
  • Can help babies sleep more effectively and longer. 
  • Can help soothe skin problems such as eczema. 
  • and many more............

There are no events in the selected category