What happens if my baby is crying?

Our classes are very baby led, so if your baby is crying please don't worry.  I encourage you to see to your baby, listen to their needs, if they need a feed, please feed, if they need a change, please change, or if they are just needing a cuddle and had enough of the class, please cuddle and do what you need to do.  A minute of massage and a happy content baby is better than forcing your little one to have a massage and not enjoy it. This will be stressful for both you and baby. 

I will teach moves which may help to soothe and calm baby, however as a parent yourself, you know your baby best and if you need to get up and have a little walk around singing row row row your boat then you do this. 

We recap moves each week and with the massage course I will have weekly handouts for you to take so you can practice in your own time and when baby is more settled. 


What happens if my baby is asleep?

We never massage a sleeping baby. If your baby is asleep, please do still come along to the class, little one can continue to sleep and if you like you can borrow my doll to practice the moves on.  It is better for you to come and see the moves first hand and when baby is awake you can practice what you have learnt. 


What age is baby yoga and massage suitable for? 

I ideally recommend precrawling, this is just because as a baby starts to crawl it may be harder to stop them from moving around. I will not however turn you away, if you wish to still come, we can just add some more sensory experience with the sensory toys and more singing to make it more fun for your baby. 


Are Dads allowed to come to the session?

YES YES YES, please encourage Dads to come to the session, we prefer the sessions to be 1 on 1 as this creates a much greater bond, but I love seeing Dads at the courses, its so important for them to bond with baby too. I will be holding Dad only workshops so that Dads can meet other Dads and learn some lovely skills to nurture their baby. 


Can I bring twins? 

You are welcome to bring a friend/dad/grandparent along to help as it may be a bit difficult to massage two babies at the same time. 


If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help you.