Mum and Baby Yoga




Are you looking for a class with a difference?

Mindfulness, Relaxation, Exercise and Baby Led? 

Look no further......


Mum and Baby Yoga is based on Hatha yoga, in which different movements are used to stretch and strengthen the body.

We incorporate Postnatal Yoga into your practice to help restore the pelvic floor and the core whilst gentle helping to release tension especially through the upper back and shoulders. 


In the same way, baby yoga uses movements which help babies to learn coordination skills, bonding with parent using touch and communication. Milestones are met more easily as baby has practised the skills needed to achieve a roll or a crawl within the yoga poses and have developed the motor skills ready for the movement. 

Yoga is a beautiful way to connect with your baby through movement and early days a way to fill the gap in the day to stimulate your babies needs. Come join us Yogi Mummies and babies, no prior experience is needed!!! 


Benefits of Yoga  include:

Restores pelvic floor and core


Promotes bonding and attachment.

Promotes mind/body connection.

Increases self esteem.

Increases sense of love, acceptance, respect and trust.

Enhances communication between baby and parent.

Improves parents ability to read baby's cues.


Provides time to share quality time.

Strengthens digestive system, circulatory system, and gastrointestinal system.

Reduces discomfort of colic, gas, and congestion.

Increases hormone function.

Improves sleep patterns.

Improves muscle tone

There are many many more benefits.........



 Mum and Baby Yoga

Relax, restore and bond in our beautiful Mum and Baby Yoga sessions.  

Our classes are designed to be very baby led, relaxed and soothing.  

Learn poses to assist with restoring your pelvic floor gently, whilst gently reactivating your deep core muscles helping to support your back.  Many women rush back into hard challenging exercises and actually do alot more damage to their bodies.  It is so important to restore those deep muscles, giving you stability, strength and underlying foundation. 

Using gentle but strong movements we can help you to feel firmer more toned and able to go about your every day activities without worrying that you may leak, or that your back is hurting due to a weak core. 

We use movements to help release tension, create mindfulness and being in the moment with your little one. 

Your baby also gets some baby yoga, all great for coordination, trapped wind and bonding. Singing and gentle movements to help with your little ones developmental needs. 

This is a really lovely class to meet other mums, easy going and baby led, if we need to stop and feed, then please do what you need to do :)