Pregnancy Massage

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Pregnancy Massage 

A truly beautiful way to relax your body and mind in pregnancy.  Relax as we massage your body, using pillows to support under your legs and make you extra comfy.  Experience a full body massage to help with common pregnancy ailments such as back ache and swollen ankles.  You will really connect with your bump as your mind clears and allows you to really relax into the moment.  


Postnatal Massage 

Treat yourself or a loved one to a postnatal massage. A gentle calming, relaxation massage, again on your side, giving that nurturing, self healing feeling.  As a new mum it is so important to fit in time for self care, looking after yourself and your mental health is so important and a massage can truly have a positive effect. 

We can adapt the massage to fit in with any time restrictions you have and you are more than welcome to bring your baby, or come alone. We are really baby friendly :) 

Why not fit in a private dads workshop, where dad can come along and learn some baby massage, and then whilst dad relaxes with baby and some tea and cake, mummy will receive a pamper massage.  That way if you need to feed little one, you are there!

We are easily adaptable, just ask and we can arrange something to suit your needs. 



Please contact me directly for times available and current offers.