*** C O R O N A   V I R U S *** 

If you or your baby has any kind of cold or cough please avoid our classes until completely clear and the isolation period covered.  I am happy to send an online  video for any sessions missed due to this reason. 

If any classes are cancelled long term due to the virus/isolation/lockdown, online classes  will replace them so you don’t miss out. No refunds will be issued.

"Ive booked a lesson but now I am unable to attend...... "

Whether due to illness or something has come up, unfortunately we are unable to transfer your booking. As a small bussiness, we still have to pay for room hire and have limited amount of people per session.  We cannot always fill your space for the class you miss.  If we have space on another class the same week we can allow you a free catch up, but that is only valid for that week of booking. 


"Can I transfer the booking to a friend?........"

Yes you can fill the space by offering your friend your space. Always great to welcome new faces!


"Can I pay you when I arrive at the class." 

I prefer payment to be made prior to the class either by pay pal or I can provide you with my bank details, only when it has been okayed by myself can you pay on the day. 


When Relax my baby are unable to attend a class....

If I am unable to make a class, either due to sickness or emergency I will give you as much notice as possible and your booking will be transfered to another session when convienant to yourself and the amount of space within the class. 

If I am unable to attend the class due to snow, I will transfer your booking again to another session when it is safe to attend.



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